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Please read the product description and instruction carefully before using. Find the connection marks, and make sure that the input voltage is compliance with the rated value. The meaning the connection marks are: L: Live Wire; N: Null Line: Safety Earth Wire; COM ( GND ): Output Earth Wire, +V: Output Voltage;VADJ: Output Voltage Regulation.

The AC input current can be defined by the expressions:
Input current = output power ÷ input voltage ÷ input factor ÷ efficiency

For power supplies with power factor 0.5~0.7, when several sets of power supplies used in 3-phase, 4-line input system, the current of the neutral line can not be offsetted because of the distortion of the input current wave. Therefore, in normal circumstances, we suggest that the neutral line should be allocated as 2~3 times the cross-sectional area of the hot line; For power supplies with PFC function, the current of the neutral line can be offsetted, so it is needless to allocated the additional area to the neutral.

To ensure the safety and reduce the interference, please make sure that the earthing end is properly connected to the earth.

Shells of most power supplies are radiating pieces. Please make the contact area between the shell and the machine case as large as possible to facilitate heat radiation and to prolong the life to the power supply.

Please don't open the shell or dismantle the product ( don't remove the seal of the power supply ) to prevent electricity shock or product damage. In addition, unauthorized dismantling may make it hard to find out the failures, which will lead to the damage of both parties.

The ripple and noise of a switching power supply is normally specified by the peak to peak amplitude, and is made up of four AC components which can be identified: a) Low frequency ripple at 2f being of the AC mains frequency; b) High frequency ripple due to PWM to obtain the required line and load regulation; c) The switching noise that has the same frequency of the switching PWM; d) The aperiodic random noise that is not related to the AC source frequency and/or the switching frequency.

The best method for testing output ripple and noise of power supplies is test by an oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 20MHz. The ground ring of the probe is pressed directly against the output ground of the power supply and the tip is in contact with the output voltage

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