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CCTV-12V10A- 18P

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   Feature and Specifications CCTV-12V 10A-18P
   18-channel power supply
   Designed for CCTV cameras
   With Interchangeable and replaceable fuse
   Suitable for a direct wiring to fused spur
   Lockable key cover for total security
   Internal LED port status for each port
   Internal power switch for output
   Power ON/OFF switch;Spare fuses included
   Unit maintains camera synchronization
   Easy installation saves time and eliminates costly labor
   Two years warranty

Index type
CCTV-12V 10A-18P
Input Voltage
88-264VAC 47-63HZ
DC voltage
Output Current
10 A(500mA/output,18 channels)
Standard Power
Fuse Type
Fuse Rating
1.1 Amps
General Protection
each output has individual fuse and LED indicator, when problem 
occurs, only affect the individual output, other outputs still working
Circuit Short Protection
when short condition occurs, individual fuse will open the circuit,
when condition removed, replacing another new fuse will back to close.
High Voltage Protection
when high voltage occurs, the surge protection  will be
hit through to protect the connected device
Over Current protection
when over current occurs, the power supply will automatically switch
toself-protection status, when condition removed, then switch back to normal

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