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· QC/Technical Support
Quality policy: To satisfy our customers with the best products and services
QC target: To achieve defect-free products and processes
QC/technical support: We adopt a strict QC program running through all production stages from raw materials to final products
· Q&C staff: 7 inspectors for purchased materials and 10 for production processes as well as 3 additional people for checking finished products
· Standards & Approvals
ISO 9001:2008

· Materials/Components  standard
Class A standard and RoHS compliant
· Procedures/testing Details
Incoming quality inspection: conducting the principle of "first in, first out" on the basis of the incoming date
Important safety materials: keeping records for those that can be traced such as thermal fuses and bobbins
Quality inspection: checking the certificate of conformity and test records or generally checking the standard II AQLO.65; spot checking GB2828-87
1. Working instructions: processing on the basis of working instructions
2. Special operation: qualified persons perform soldering and safety testing
3. Patrol quality check: PQC is conducted by our QC staff.
· Other Information Outgoing inspection (final test)
1. Final test: every product must be inspected before packing
2. Data collection: making certificates of conformity and test reports for each lot and issue
3. Test of reliability: load test must be conducted.

Electronic Load Burn-in Test
100% products full load burn-in tested with single pass rate of over 99% and annual failure rate below 0.2%. 

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